Lady Gaga Tribute Act

Liss Jones as Lady Gaga tribute act in the UK

We have an outstanding and flamboyant Lady Gaga tribute act at Aston Management. She will perform all her famous and well loved tracks just to hear your 'Applause'. 

Liss Jones as Lady Gaga

Stunning performances nationwide

Liss Jones as Lady Gaga tribute act will create a lasting impression with her authentic performance. With the costumes, make up, hairstyles and persona, you'll think its the real deal! In addition to wedding celebrations, our artist has performed at hotels, festivals, restaurants, corporate events and holiday parks in the UK and abroad and also in the UAE.
Christina Aguilera Tribute Act
If you are looking for a Lady Gaga tribute act, contact us at Aston Management on 01902 822 288 or 07850 353 426

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